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Integrated solutions for the mining industry
The entire production process at the enterprise is carried out within the quality management system certified for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001- 2009.


Priority objective of the enterprise: Production of "Niva-Holding" among the best products in the world.
"Niva-Holding" is one of the major manufacturers of mining equipment in the Republic of Belarus.
The main products of the company - mechanized roof support - have a certificate of conformity with technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 010/2011 "On the safety of machinery and equipment" and TR CU 012 "On the safety of equipment for explosion hazardous environments".
The company team puts its main goal to achieve a high level of product quality as the main criterion of economic stability and guarantees maximum satisfaction of customer requirements.


  • maintaining the company's reputation as a supplier of quality products on existing markets and entering new promising market segments in in distant and near foreign countries;
  • analysis and continuous improvement of the quality management system;
  • focused study and meeting current and future needs of consumers;
  • selection of reliable suppliers and long-time relationship with them on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation;
  • constant improvement of technologies applied in production process;
  • modernization of production facilities;
  • improvement of quality control system based on the best world experience;
  • preservation and development of human resources of the enterprise by providing material interest and necessary social conditions;
  • permanent training and development of the staff in order to foster a conscious attitude towards issues relating to the production of competitive products in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations and quality management system.
In carrying out these tasks, the company will seek to acquire additional competitive advantage and contribute to sustainable development of the region.
The enterprise acts on the basis of license issued by Emergencies Ministry of the Republic of Belarus to carry out activities in the field of industrial safety.