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Sergey Romanovich

It has taken us several decades of hard work to create a group of engineering companies "Niva", a lot of scientific research and analysis of international practice, development of advanced technologies in the field of engineering has been required to organize the full production cycle of mining equipment manufacturing.

With strong research and experimental facilities, modern technology and qualified staff, we are able to manufacture equipment meeting international quality standards in the shortest possible time.

Over the years, we have grown from a small, narrow section enterprise into a highly professional machine-building business, which is a supplier to the world-famous: Belaruskali, Evraz, Uralkali, Eurochem, BelAZ.

Currently, the number of prospective projects is ahead of our current production and management capabilities. Our business is growing and is in need of rethinking its organization, changing the principles of working with clients and suppliers, the development of its own brand. That is why it was decided to establish a holding company, registered in May 2015 under the name of "Niva-Holding".

My son - Alexander Romanovich - was appointed Director General of the managing company


Alexander Romanovich

"Niva-Holding" includes machine-building enterprises located in four cities of Belarus: Soligorsk, Minsk, Urechye and Mogilev.

"Niva-Holding" is the leader of Belarusian mining machinery manufacturers , producing a wide range of machinery and equipment: hydromechanized support sections; scraper and belt conveyors; shuttle cars and transfer bunkers; automation equipment, electrical products; pumping, concentrating and lifting equipment; pumping stations, hydraulic connection fittings, high pressure hoses, continuous miners.

We are committed to work together with an active and concerned team in a positive environment in, which everything contributes to material well-being of everyone, personal enrichment and gaining new knowledge in an atmosphere of trust, mutual understanding and feedback.

The support of our projection into the future are decades of experience, constant growth of business and the success of our activities in the market.

Due to cooperation with world-class mining companies, "Niva-Holding" has acquired a wealth of experience, is dynamically developing, actively tapping new markets, improving its products to the requirements of its customers.

In the near future, we should expand the customer base and significantly increase the sales volume of our products for export. The priority markets for us are the countries of the Customs Union Russia and Kazakhstan, as well as Central Asian countries. We face the future with confidence and invite mining companies to effective cooperation with the enterprises of "Niva-Holding"!


"Niva-Holding" includes machine-building enterprises located in the cities of Soligorsk, Minsk, Mogilev and Urechye. The main product of the enterprises is underground mining and mineral processing equipment.


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Holding enterprises produce a full range of mining equipment for the extraction and processing of minerals, hydromechanical systems for room-and pillar mining, heading-and-winning complexes for preparation and chamber mining of minerals, pumping stations, mine control systems, loudspeaker communication and illumination, transformer substations, and soft starters, hydraulic cylinders for all industries, non-standard equipment, screw, belt and scraper conveyors, crushing and sorting, mineral processing equipment, mining and cutting tools, pumping and handling machinery.