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Integrated solutions for the mining industry


  • More than 300 design-engineering staff;
  • Modern fleet of metal cutting and processing machines;
  • Cutting, bending, punching of flat and rolled steel;
  • Verified semi-automatic and robotic gas shielded welding ;
  • Thermal processing and HFC treatment, electroplating, vibration stabilizing treatment;
  • Steel, iron and non-ferrous casting;
  • 40 service quality employees Quality Management System, certified for compliance with STB ISO 9001-2009;
  • Certified testing laboratory for nondestructive and destructive testing;
  • Certified 10,000 kN test stand for power testing of metal structures.


Item (type) Basic characteristics Quantity
Flame cutting CNC table max. 12 600 х 2 500 mm, cutting width, plasma 1,5-20 mm, gas 3-160 mm 6
Guillotine shear metal thickness max. - 32 mm 10
Press-shear combined max 120х120х12mm 3
Band saw machine max. workpiece Ø 600 mm 14
Roller bending machine max. thickness of rolled metal- 40mm 4
Profile bending machine bent profile, max: square 110mm, round 110mm, channel 350mm, I - bar 360mm 1
Screw - cutting machine max Ø 1000 mm, center to center dist. 3000 mm 86
Turning-and-boring machine max Ø 4000 mm, H 2000mm 7
Turning machining center max Ø 460 mm center to center dist. 1090 mm 15
Boring machine axis motion X * Y *Z+W - up to 3500х2000х1600+900,max load 12 t 24
Pipe boring special machine max boring Ø 320mm, length up to 4000mm 6
Bed-type milling machine table size up to 1600x5000mm, height under spindle up to 1000mm 4
Vertical turning machine table size up to 630x2000 mm, height under spindle up to 900mm 18
Plane horizontal milling machine table size up to 1500x400 mm, height under spindle up to 350mm 14
Milling machining center table size up to 800x500, max vertical travel up to 500mm 7
Gear production machinery max Ø 2000mm, m-module up to 20 17
Cylindrical grinding machine max Ø 400mm, center to center distance 2700mm 8
Surface grinding machine Table size up to 300x1000mm 2
Robotic arc welding system Arc current range, A 3-500
Max size of welded parts, mm 3500x Ø2400
Max weight of welded parts, kg 3500
Semi-automatic welders
Nominal arc current, A 500
Arc current range, A 50-500
Hydraulic press Power max 400t/s 4
Coater room Room size 6000x6000x4000mm 3
Shotblasting chamber Room size 5.9x3.9x2.7m 3
Size chrome plating line Plated parts max size ØxL 350x1900mm 1
Heat-treatment cell Max cell size 3800x2200x1800
Operations: heat hardening, annealing,
normalization, cementing, HFC hardening
Foundry production Monthly capacity - up to 500 t
Weight of castings - from 1 kg to 8,000 kg
Types of materials: St.35ХГСЛ, St.35ХМЛ, St.35-40Л,
St.20ГНМФЛ, St.110Г13Л, St.35ХГСЛ, St.20ГНМФЛ,
irons: ИЧХ28Н2, ИЧ27ОХ18, СЧ20, ЖЧХ16
GOST 1412-85, GOST 977-88 (National Standards)
Laboratory - Bench tests of mechanized supports,
- Ultrasonic non-destructive testing,
- Ultrasonic thickness measurements,
- Dye penetrant test,
- Metallographic analysis,
- Measurement of hardness,
- Spectral analysis.

"Niva-Holding" performes construction and installation works, acting as a general contractor and as a subcontractor.
Works are made on the basis of the following certificates of conformity issued by the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus:
  1. Installation of engineering systems of buildings and structures: installation of ventilation and air conditioning of buildings. (Certificate № BY / 112 04.14. 094 00370)
  2. Installation of external networks and structures: the installation of external networks and water supply; installation of external sewerage networks and facilities. (Certificate № BY / 112 04.14. 094 00371)
  3. Execution of works on filling doorways and windows: using PVC windows, aluminum profile, wood; with doors from PVC, aluminum profile, steel, wood. (Certificate № BY / 112 04.14. 094 00372)
  4. Installation of engineering systems in buildings and structures: the installation of internal water supply systems in buildings and structures, installation of internal sewage system in buildings and structures, installation of heating systems in buildings. (Certificate № BY / 112 04.14. 094 00 369)
  5. Installation of steel structures: pre-assembly of structural elements; assembly and fastening of structural elements bolted without controlled tension; assembly and fixing of structural elements with high-strength bolts of controlled tension; columns and supports; farms, crossbars, beams and girders; crane girders; bridge crane runways; crane paths of underhung cranes; profiled flooring. (Certificate № BY / 112 04.14. 094 00 362)
  6. Arrangement of the bases, foundations of buildings and structures: installation of foundations on grounds from natural soils. (Certificate № BY / 112 04.14. 094 00359)
  7. Installation of masonry and reinforced masonry structures. (Certificate № BY / 112 04.14. 094 00 360)
  8. Installation of precast concrete and reinforced concrete structures: installation of the underground part of the walls of buildings; installation of columns, frames, half-frames and stiffening diaphragms; installation of beams, girders, trusses, plates; installation of wall panels. (Certificate № BY / 112 04.14. 094 00 361)
  9. Installation of light walling: installation of gypsum concrete walls; mounting of framed partitions; installation of metal wall panels with insulation and sheet assembly. (Certificate № BY / 112 04.14. 094 00363)
  10. Installation of wooden structures. (Certificate № BY / 112 04.14. 094 00 364)
  11. Arrangement of anti-corrosion construction coatings of buildings using: coatings; mastic, putty and liquid coatings. (Certificate № BY / 112 04.14. 094 00 365)
  12. Arrangement of roofs: roofing with sheet metal, metal shaped decking, metal, corrugated and profiled metal sheets. (Certificate № BY / 112 04.14. 094 00 366)
  13. Arrangement of insulating coatings: roll waterproofing materials; painting waterproofing (bitumen, paint, polymer, bitumen-polymer, polymer-cement); waterproofing from cement mortar, hot asphalt mix and cast waterproofing; heat and sound insulation from the plates and bulk materials. (Certificate № BY / 112 04.14. 094 00 367)
  14. Arrangement of thermal insulation of envelope constructions of buildings and structures: arrangement of light and heavy plaster insulation systems. (Certificate № BY / 112 04.14. 094 00 368). "Niva-Holding" received a Certificate of technical competence № 00295018.77- 2012 issued by the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus on all of the above mentioned types of work.
  15. Execution of the lining of the drive, tensioning and deflecting drums for belt conveyors with ceramic coating with a structural surface for the toughest operating conditions; for the protection of sliding surfaces, transshipment nodes, bunkers against wear and build-up; for docking and repair of conveyor belts; repair of cleaning system of conveyor belts. Special permit (license) №02300 / 556-1