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Integrated solutions for the mining industry
Management company
Republic of Belarus, 223710, Soligorsk, Zavodskaya Str., 4

Unitary Production Enterprise "Niva" Romanovicha SG Soligorsk district was created on 30.12.1996. The founder of the enterprise is Romanovich Sergei. Director General is Romanovich Alexander.

The company is the management company of the holding "Niva-Holding", registered by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus in the State Register of holdings 29.05.2015, № 93.

The holding also includes the following companies:

Joint Stock Company "LMZ Universal";

Joint Stock Company "Niva-Motor";

Limited Liability Company "Niva-Dor";

Limited Liability Company "Niva-Belstanok";

Subsidiary unitary production enterprise "Belhydraulica".

The company as the holding management company:

  • Acts on behalf of the holding companies in the relations connected with the creation and activity of the holding;
  • Carries out coordinated financial, investment and industrial policies of the holding, including the definition of the procedure for conducting centralized procurement, distribution of raw materials and components, sales of finished products, the organization of marketing, logistics and other activities;
  • Develops strategies and (or) long-term plans for development of the holding.
  • Leads a policy aimed at increasing the volume of manufacture of competitive production of holding's participants and expanding its supply to foreign markets;
  • Accumulates financial resources to invest in the most promising areas of the holding;
  • Carries out upgrading and modernization of existing facilities and the development of new technologies by the holding parties;
  • Provides centralized management of corporate parties (subsidiaries) of the holding, carries out possessory supervision over financial and economic activities of members (subsidiaries), share holding (shares in authorized funds) of which are owned by the company and unitary enterprises of the holding founded by the management company ;
Location of the enterprise:

223710, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Soligorsk district,

Zavodskaya Str. 4.

The company has the following structural units (branches):

UPE "Niva" branch - "Niva - Service".

UPE "Niva" branch - "Remstanok".

UPE "Niva" branch - "Independent test center."

UPE "Niva" branch - «Design and survey bureau."

UPE "Niva" branch - "Mining equipment plant."

Current production