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Integrated solutions for the mining industry
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The main activities of JSC "LMZ Universal"

  1. Design, manufacture and repair of mining equipment.
  2. Design and manufacture of lifting and handling equipment.
  3. Design, manufacture and repair of technological equipment for processing plants.
  4. Production of non-standard equipment.
  5. Production of spare parts for mining, mineral processing and power equipment.
  6. Production of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous castings.

Information on production

  • Today's machine park of Open Joint Stock Company "LMZ Universal" includes a variety of modern turning, milling, boring, grinding and other machines.
  • With modern machines, our factory manufactures high quality equipment with high precision machining, which allows the plant to be competitive on the European market.
  • The plant carries out machining of small, medium and large-sized products, such as equipment for sylvinite concentrators.

Product Features

  1. Machining of materials - cutting the outside tooth to m = 20, Dmax (wheel) = 2000 mm, Dmax (pinion shaft) = 2000 mm, maximum cutting length 560 mm;
    • Turning operation Dmax = 4000 mm, H = 2000 mm;
    • Cutting of internal tooth to m = 12, the maximum wheel diameter 800 mm;
    • Lathe operation Dmax (details) = 1240 mm, Lmax (details) = 3000mm, Dmax (machining) = 2000 mm;
    • Grinding round Dmax (details) = 400 mm, Dmax (grinding) = 400 mm, Lmax = 2800 mm;
    • Grinding of slots Dmax (grinding) = 120 mm, Lmax (grinding) = 800 mm;
    • Milling of parts with maximum dimensions 1600x5000 mm, H = 600 mm;
    • Horizontal boring operations for parts with maximum dimensions 1800x1800 mm, H = 1600 mm;
    • Grinding of flat parts with maximum dimensions 1250x450mm, H = 500 mm;
    • Cutting of bevel gearing circular tooth maximum module 16 mm, maximum height of the tooth 32 mm, the helix angle of 0 ° - 45 °, maximum detail diameter 800 mm;
    • Planing and slot cutting work.
  2. Forging operations and cold stamping with its own base for design and manufacturing of tooling.
    • on the band saw machines (blank round shape with a diameter up to 600 mm, flat-shaped billet 800x600 mm);
    • on thermal cutting machines with CNC (gas - Smax = 200, plasma - Smax = 45);
    • on machines for processing sheet edges for welding;
    • on guillotine shears width up to 3200 mm, thickness up to 20 mm).
  3. Fitter work:
    • hydraulic press brake CNC (maximum length of bending 3100 mm, maximum power 5000 kN);
    • three roll mills (maximum width of bent sheet 2000 mm, the maximum thickness of 20mm plate).
  4. Welding production has the ability of MMA welding and semiautomatic gas welding.
  5. Thermal and chemical-thermal processing of metals:
    • cementation and hardening of parts with a diameter up to 650 mm, length up to 1200 mm in , weight up to 900kg;
    • hardening of parts with a diameter up to 650 mm, length 2000 mm, weight up to 900 kg;
    • HFC hardening of components with diameter from 50 mm to 250 mm, length of 2300 mm, teeth module up to 5 mm, weight up to 500 kg;
    • annealing, normalizing of parts with diameter up to 1500 mm, length 3000 mm, weight up to 6000 kg;
    • hardening of small parts in a salt bath.

Geography of foreign economic activity

We guarantee high quality and promptness of delivery of ordered products.

JSC "LMZ Universal" is "authorized service center of Dombrowski factory of electric vehicles" Damel "(g.Dombrova Gornicza, Poland), i.e. is entitled to review service complaints, perform warranty repairs and inspections, post-warranty repair of electric motors production DZEM JSC "Damel ".

Current production