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Integrated solutions for the mining industry
Republic of Belarus, 212030, Mogilev, Slavgorod highway, 171

Private Unitary Production Enterprise "Mining Machinery Plant" was registered in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities on June 28, 2007.

The company is a resident of free economic zone "Mogilev".

The main activity is the production of mining equipment, repair of machines for the mining industry.

Production is located in two production buildings and the administrative building.

52 units of equipment are involved in the production process, including: 35 units of metalcutting machine tools (7 units equipped with systems of numerical control), 10 units of welding equipment, 8 pieces of equipment for various purposes.

Machine for plasma and gas-oxigen cutting of sheet metal, band saw for cutting rolled metal and profile, forming machine, crank shears, welding machines, drilling, turning, boring, grinding, horizontal and vertical milling machines, hardening and softening heat treatment furnaces are involved in the production process.

At present, the company includes 10 departments: preparation and assembly workshop (preparation and welding area, machining station, assembly station), production and dispatch department, quality control department, construction group, electric mechanical repair group, chief designer department, chief technologist department, department of material procurement and sales, accounting, planning and economic department. Payroll number of employees is 161 people.

In 2015, quality management system for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009 was implemented at the enterprise.

The main types of materials used by private enterprise "Mining Machinery Plant" are black and non-ferrous metals, pipes, hardware, and other components, which are fully used for the production of mine shuttle cars and specialized equipment.

The largest share in the volume of production holds the production of mine shuttle cars, which are the main product of the output volume (about 70.5%).

Current production

    Mining equipment