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The Republic of Belarus, 223881, Minsk Region, Luban Area, Urechye, Kommunalnaya Str., 9

Information about the enterprise

Subsidiary unitary production enterprise "Power hydraulics plant" was established in 2010 on the base of Urechye work site TPO "Metallist". The main activity of the enterprise is the manufacture of metal constructions under direct contracts and cooperation and the repair of hydraulic cylinders. The company operates according to the quality management system, developed in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001. Inspection and testing of products is carried out by BTC staff and testing laboratory (if necessary), belonging to the UPE "Niva" Romanovicha SG accredited for technical competence in accordance with STB ISO / IEC 17025 in the national accreditation body of Belarus, registration number BY / 112 .

The main directions of development work, production activities

  1. Design and development of general technical and special purpose metal structures according to the requirements and in agreement with the customer.
  2. Manufacture of general technical and special purpose metal structures;
  3. Repair of hydraulic cylinders of various types, sizes and diameters.
  4. Diagnostics and bench testing of hydraulic cylinders.

The technical potential and market opportunities

The company has:

  • Production plants and sites equipped with modern machining and welding equipment;
  • Measuring instruments and test equipment;
  • Technological equipment;
  • Trained and competent staff, consisting of workers of basic professions and professionals (engineers).

Applied operations:

  • Semi-automatic and manual welding of ferrous metals;
  • Plasma cutting;
  • Machining of ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Current production